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Net Worth $ 100 Million
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Born on: 10th Aug 22 Born in: Palestine Marital status: Divorced Occupation: Real Estate Developer
Everyone is aware that Mohamed Hadid is the former husband of Yolanda Hadid Foster, a star of the reality TV show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. However, not everyone knows his humble beginnings considered crucial to Mohamed Hadid net worth. Hadid was born in Palestine but his family eventually immigrated to the USA. While in this new country, he had a hard time growing up. Because there were only a few immigrants in Washington & Lee High School, he had no friends and he was the only Arab. Even if he wanted to fit in, the world doesn’t seem to want him in. Mohamed Hadid net worth  eventually soar high from his determination to have a space for himself where he can just be himself. He started paintings when he was still a teen with traditional style portraits. As he grew older, his lifestyle changed and so did his paintings. Modern Abstract seemed to catch his attention but never forgot about traditional style. Mohamed Hadid net worth expand along with his normal perception with that of the modern abstract art.  He even said that you cannot follow the trends; instead, you have to make them. While he was building modern homes, he realized that the big open walls needed a huge art having bright and bold colours. Mohamed Hadid incorporated his art style and was able to bring unique and beautiful architectural creations thus allowing him to start his $100 million net worth. He was then assigned to develop the Ritz Carlton Hotels and other mansions around the world. Currently, Mohamed Hadid net worth amounting to $200 million came from various building projects including  resorts, houses, condominiums mainly in Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Aspen, Paris and suburban Virginia. Mohamed Hadid net worth made him famous  owner of  "The Crescent Palace", a $60 million Beverly Hills mansion. But Mohamed Hadid net worth  also  made him paid a huge amount of  $3.6 million cash as divorce settlement with ex-wife,  now Yolanda Foster.
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Mohamed Hadid Estates and Homes (2)

Crescent Palace

Hadid has a different view when it comes to style and it is evident in this home. After 15 months, the Crescent Palace was built. But was put for sale eventually Location: In one of the world's most famous zipcode, this abode is located in Beverly Hills. Accommodation: The 48,000 square foot limestone mansion showcases three levels of rare materials. One would find Iranian marble as well as exceptional amenities. It is the neighbor of the Beverly Hills Hotel. The Crescent Palace has seven bedrooms as well as 11 bathrooms. There's a reception hall and a 90-foot art work display gallery. Add to the grandeur of the home, formal and informal dining rooms,family room with bar lounge and also leather-paneled library. Third floor has the master suite. It has a chandelier-bedecked balcony and also "his" secret staircase going up to the rooftop garden and the "hers" fireplace.

Bel-Air home

This is another spectacular home of Hadid. It is quite evident that in each of his home has a special aura but it all has that modern style into it where he is famous for. Location: Situated in yet another place where there are high end houses, this Bel-Air home can be seen at Los Angeles. Accommodation: This home has ten bedrooms as well as 14 bathrooms. In this 48,000 square feet home, one can fine imported Jerusalem stone interior. There's also the reception hall, informal dining room, formal living as well as dining rooms. People can also see that there's an informal dining room, family room with a bar lounge, main kitchen, music room, butler's pantry and also a staff bedroom and office

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