Mohammed Al-Amoudi | $ 13.5 Billion
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Mohammed Al-Amoudi Net Worth

Saudi Arabia
Net Worth $ 13.5 Billion
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Born on: 1st Jan 70 Born in: Saudi Arabia Marital status: Married Occupation: businessman
Mohammed Al-Amoudi net worth is estimated at $13.5 billion. He is  said to be the richest black person in the whole world. Mohammed Al-Amoudi net worth came through his businesses which focuses on oil refineries, construction, real estate, and the like. He has been making business deals way back 1974 and continues to be active in it. Al-Amoudi was able to make his first fortune in the Saudi Arabian construction as well as real estate. He began gambling his money in building an empire which includes oil interests and mining in Ethiopia, Morocco, and also Sweden. This billionaire’s conglomerate brings him billions in revenue annually. Add to that, it is said that Mohammed Al-Amoudi net worth controls about 70% of Ethiopia’s oil and also produces about four tons of gold yearly. Forbes listed him as the 63rd richest person in the world in their 2011 list. The said list also ranked him being the richest person in Ethiopia as well as the second richest Saudi Arabian citizen in the whole world. Being a philanthropist, he commits his funds to support healthcare as well as sport in various countries like Africa, Saudi Arabia, Europe, and the United States. More so, he founded a breast cancer research centre at the famous King Abdulaziz University. He also founded the King Saud University being the enhanced oil research chair back in 2008. Add to that, he fully funded the King Abdulla Institute for Nanotechnology at the King Saud University.How's these for the human touch of Mohammed Al-Amoudi net worth?
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