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Mont Blanc unveils its Patron of Art Edition 2012: Joseph II writing instruments

Andrea Divirgilio / April 6, 2012

When it comes to symbolizing any occasion person with sophistication and literary royalty, very few brands have been able to do justice with such royalty and sophistication. One of the few, who have done so with aplomb and notable success, is Mont Blanc- the premium writing instrument maker. On Previous occasions, they have managed to craft masterpieces like the Mont Blanc brand tribute edition, the A380 Skeleton FIFA World Cup edition, or even the Royal Monaco wedding pen, which are the glaring symbols of fine pen making art. Now their latest stroke is the Patron of the Art edition 2012: Joseph II series of writing instruments, which symbolizes one of the revolutionary monarchs of erstwhile Europe. With ornamentation similar in design and shape to the royal family crest, this series is indeed a fitting tribute to his persona.

Montblanc Patron of the Art: Joseph II red and gold pen

His majesty Joseph II was the first son of Empress Maria Theresa and King Francis I of Germany, who had risen to throne of the King of Romans within 1 year of becoming the King of Germany. In sharp contrast to his mother who held conservative views regarding the matters of administration of the state, he held rather enlightened views, and did a lot during his tenure to bring about social reforms. This would include major changes to the legal system like abolishing of the death sentence as far as possible, doing away with harsh forms of torture of prisoners, and also ending the censoring of mediums like the press and theater. It was this policy that led Vienna to become a cultural capital in the continent of Europe. His Highness was also known for his patronization of the musical operas, especially aspiring artist and later deemed a genius, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Thus in order to pay tribute to his persona, Mont Blanc has bought about 2 versions of limited editions instruments.

The one most prominent of the lot, is the red lacquer and yellow gold fountain pen, which has been limited to 4,810 editions only. Made with champagne yellow gold with a combination of red lacquer on its body, the jewelry and colors are matched with royal family of Vienna. The 18K gold body will even have the coat of arms to symbolize its designing theme. The ink filling system is known to be a traditional piston one, where ink flow has been looked into with care. The estimated price is known to be $9,946 each. The launch is stated for April 2012.

Montblanc Patron of the Art: Joseph II blue and white gold pen

The other edition is the white gold and blue lacquered pen, which has only 888 editions available. Though designing is largely similar in theme, but this writing instrument will have blue sapphire planted along its body, where the 18K white gold and blue enamel make a highly aesthetic contrast. The launch of this pen is known to be around June 2012, with a price tag of $2,644 each.

Via: Montblanc

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