Monte Carlo Pool Bike lets you enjoy the benefits of aquatic exercise

Andrea Divirgilio / April 11, 2011

pool bike monte carlo

With this In-pool exercise bike, you can enjoy all the health and fitness benefits, along with the pleasure low-impact exercise right in your pool. Developed by a team of sports and health professionals, the Pool Bike Monte Carlo provides greater resistance than biking on land, which offers a slow motion that improves muscle strength and endurance. The user has to ride this bike while it’s partially submerged in a pool. Water-based exercise helps deliver several additional benefits, which are otherwise not achieved from land-based exercise.

The in-water exercise helps relieve stress on weight-bearing joints, increases flexibility, strengthens heart muscles and improves balance and posture. The unique four-paddle transmission lets the user adjust for more or less resistance. Users can pedal faster for strength or longer for cardio, and can view the time, speed, distance and calories burned on the bike’s waterproof LCD monitor.

Made of durable nylon, ABS and fiberglass, the Pool Bike Monte Carlo is available at Hammacher for $900.

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