Morphosis by Kudoe Schli Matz could perhaps be the most beautiful watch winder in the world

Andrea Divirgilio / January 12, 2012

After the rather successful and aesthetically captivating Gigantis watch winder cabinet introduced last year, Kudoe Schli Matz have now introduced the Morphosis, that might get an upper hand on the previous model. Having total space for 42 watches, the cabinet unveils itself to display the timepieces, which can be individually programmed for rewinding, and of course kept stored for security reasons as well. Though the Gigantis may have been the most luxurious, The Morphosis would be a safe bet on the looks front, making it perhaps the best looking watch winding cabinet around.

Morphosis watch winder by Kudoe Schli Matz

Standing as a brush finished stainless steel body, this watch winding cabinet has a vertical frame of the body, where the front end opens up like a ‘sesame’ door. On a single touch with the controls on the touch-screen panel above, one opens up the 21 x 2 series of 42 watches, each of whom have been given their individual spaces in the 2 columns. One can even get a chance to programme the watch winder, to individually recharge or rather, give them the much needed rewind that too that the designated intervals! Since they are positioned vertically at 90-degrees angle each, the timepieces are visible with prominence of the dial, and hence can even double up as a personal watch showcase as well, where you can display your elite collection to your friends and visitors. Also with the body finishing, the buyers get the option of selecting a wide variety of exotic fabrics such as carbon fiber, fur skin, and leather, thus opening up a wider variety of customization options. Last, but not the least, there is also the chance of docking up an iPod/iPhone from where one can play audio content stored in the devices. So, while you are not using the cabinet, simply dock up your device and entertain yourself with some music.

Though personally none of us might have such a large watch collection to buy one of these, but those who have and are willing to spare the cash to buy a cabinet like this, be ready to shell out in excess of $120,610 for one of these. Customizations of course make the final differences as also the taxes applicable. Also, do check out the Buben & Zorweg Titan, and also the X 007 special edition.

Via: KSM/ Monochrome

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