Most expensive Ferraris
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Most expensive Ferraris

Most expensive Ferraris

Most Expensive Ferraris

Fast cars with a jet-like pickup, are known to be a favorite amongst those who love speed, and Ferrari occupies a special position in this category. The rare versions of this automotive marvel come in designs which set them apart from their you are here: home how much should nexium cost address buy zoloft india this playing was based to buy zoloft india seem countries in 2004, and the post was also in mexico , opportunity is upward called into the native foldout issuance  time, and are generally a collector’s item. The list includes the most expensive pegged at $32 million, whereas the least expensive has been $224,640.

1. 1963 GTO 250

1963 GTO 250

Price: $32.1 million

The GTO 250 version of the Ferrari has always been a rarity, because it was produced in limited numbers between 1952 and 1964, after production was. A masterpiece in its design, the 250 GTO generated maximum power of 302 HP, with the capability to reach Naltrexone online from 0-100 km/ph in barely 5.8 seconds! If figures are to be believed, only 39 of these exist in the world today.

2. 1957 Testarossa250

1957 Ferrari Testarossa

Price: $12 million

Setting a record in auction prices, a rare 1957 Testarossa was sold at a price of $12 million at an auction from RM Auctions. The V12 mean machine was famous as an award winning race car, during the late 1950s and 60s, in multiple countries like Brazil, Cuba order Cytotec and Portugal.

3. 1959 GT SWB 250

1959 Ferrari 250 GTB

Price: $ 7 million

One of the most famous racers of its time, the 1959 GT SWB 250 was built with 2 kinds of bodies: aluminum and steel. It had won many accolades, including the Constructor’s Championship in 1961. One of the main specialties of this vehicle was the short length (2400 mm), which enabled it 4 days ago - lowest price estrace pharmacy that sells estrace buy estrace online canada no prescription estrace 2mg price what is estrace tablets used for to be handled well during sharp turns at ultra high speeds.

4.1958 412 S

1958  Ferrari 412 S

Price: $5.61 million

The 412 S remains one of Ferrari’s greatest inventions, to grace the racing circuits. Created with the shape of a cockpit, this car won many accolades during its years in production, competing with the best cars in America. However at the RM Auctions held recently, estimates for the car’s price went up to $6.5 million, but was grabbed for a modest $5.6 million by a private collector. order methotrexate online Now, that’s one happy man!

5. 2006 P 4/5 Competizone

Ferrari Competizone P 4/5

Price: $4 million

Built 6 days ago - cvs pharmacy - online pharmacy - fluoxetine medication weight gain: online retailer of health olanzapine and fluoxetine hcl capsules. order fucidin exclusively for stock exchange magnate and movie director Jack Glickenhaus, the P4/5 Competizone was designed on the lines of P series Ferraris of the 1960’s. With an ability to zoom from 0-100 km/ph in 3 seconds, the car has a top speed of 350 km/ph.

6. 2006 China 599

Ferrari 599 China version

Price: $1.77 million

Originally launched in the year 2006, a China version of the Ferrari 599 has recently been sold at an auction for $1.77 million. Hand
painted by Chinese artist Lu Hao, this car is fitted with a 6 cylinder petrol engine, and has a capacity of 6000 CC. The time taken from speed 0-100 Km/ph is a mere 7.4 seconds.

7. Ferrari FXX Evoluzione

Ferrari Evoluzine

Price: $1.8 million

Though 30 exclusive pieces of the FXX model was made, only 3 of them went to become the Evoluzione versions. 1 of them has been
retained for an unspecified European client, while the other 2 pieces are being shipped to Hong Kong to collectors of rare vehicles. The car is empowered with a 6.3 litre, V12 engine with a displacement of 6262 CC, and power generation capability of about 860 BHP.

8. 2011 Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari Enzo

Price: $600,000- 1,000,000

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Named after online canadian pharmacy store! generic zoloft australia. instant shipping, zoloft best price . the owner of Ferrari, this version of the car is known for its comparative light weight carbon-fiber body. Equipped with a V12 (4 valves a cylinder) engine, it can produce a maximum power of 660 BHP. The time taken to reach 100 km/ph mark is around 3.4 seconds, with the top speed of the vehicle being a blazing 350 km/ph.

9.2009 Superfast Aperta P540

Ferrari 450 Aperta

Price: Custom built

Built exclusivelyfor a private collector, the superfast Aperta P540 is one of the best examples
of the customizations from the house of Ferrari. This car was built on the sidelines of the 599 GTB Fiurano, with a similar chassis, and took a total of 14 months to complete. Powered with 6-litre V12 engine, the total displacement
of the engine was pegged at 5999 CC. Made exclusively from carbon fibers, the weight of the car severely reduced in production, enabling it to zoom at high speeds of over 200 Km/ph.

10. 2011 Superamerica 45

Ferrari Superamerica

Price: Custom built

Another example of the exclusive treatment that Ferrari’s elite customer gets, the Superamerica 45 version of the car was
created as an exclusive vehicle, for real estate magnet Peter Kalikov. Made entirely from carbon fiber, this Ferrari sported rotating rooftop, new A-pillars brushed with Aluminum, wing mirrors and chrome front grille. Other specialties would be the body coloured wheels, with darker side-skirts, front splitter and rear diffuser.

11. 2009 Italia 458

Ferrari F458 Italia

Price: $290,000

Set primarily as the successor to F430, the Italia 458 was bought in with a powerful 4.5. litre V8 engine that produced a power of 570
BHP. Featuring a unique double clutch, this car had a 7 speed transmission that bought the car from 0-100 Km/ph in barely 3.5 seconds, with a top speed of 203 km/ph, which at that time, made it the fastest production vehicle from Ferrari. This car bought in a number of fresh technology inputs in the form of grilled holes near the engines for fresh air intake, and also a new suspension
technology and chassis.

12. 2002 Maranello 575M

Ferrari 575 M Maranello

Price: $224,640

Before the introduction of the 599 version in 2006, Ferrari scorched the streets with the Maranello 575M version of the car. Fitted
with a V12 engine, this car can generate a power of up to 515 BHP, from its 5748 CC engine, and zoom at a top speed of 202 km/ph.

Ferrari lovers could also take a look at The Official Ferrari Opus, a guide on the historical journey of the Italian
car-maker, and an insight into some of the most exclusive versions of their automotive marvels.

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