Most expensive Matchbox toy truck auctioned for $15,000

Andrea Divirgilio / March 30, 2010

matchbox toy truck
Matchbox toys have been a favorite with the young and old alike for generations, which explain their collectible status. Recently, a model car enthusiast spent approx. $15,000 on a rare 1955 prototype of a Matchbox Lesney dumper truck, which was intended to follow with the up-scale versions, but later remained as a miniature model. The pricey prototype on sale at Harrogate is believed to be one of only six ever to be made and the only surviving model. Elderly Mr Yoshise, its previous owner, had decided it was time to pass his prized asset on to a younger collector. The mysterious bidder went on to shell out approx. $15,053 for a winning bid offer at the auction in Harrogate, North Yorks., which took place to mark the Matchbox Club’s 25th and final annual convention.

Via: Telegraph

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