Most Expensive Monopoly Games in the World
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Most Expensive Monopoly Games in the World

Most Expensive Monopoly Games in the World

The American board game originally published by Parker brothers, and subtitled as “the fast Dealing property Trading Game” is popularly known as Monopoly. The game is named after the economic concept of the same name-Monopoly, which means domination of a market by a single entity. Hasbro an US toy company currently publishes the game, though there are imitations of the game available in various countries. The main theme of the game is to trade properties and develop properties and bankrupt the other players.

  1. 1.       Price tag of 7000 USD from Zontik Games

The monopoly game designed from Zontik games, one of the most renowned luxury games maker, is not only expensive, but also it is elegant and tastefully designed. The leather board is custom crafted and made from leather of finest quality. The game is also made from some of the finest materials and fabrics that not only justify the price, it also adds to the elegance and class of the game. The dice cups and card boxes are also leather bound, and made from best quality leather. The dice are ball cornered for precision, and the compartments meant for storage is also cushioned. The silver sterling finish ultra luxury is priced at approximately 7100 USD, and another version of acrylic finish is priced at about 4400 USD approximately.


  1. 2.       Price tag of 155,000 USD from Pemberton & Milner.

The game of luxury and money can also be expensive to buy also. This game priced at approximately 155,000 USD, and is one of the most expensive monopoly game set. The game is crafted from silver and exotic leather, and is designed by Pemberton & Milner. There have been some customised changes with collaboration with Jewellers like Garrad.

There has been some changes to the rules and names of the locations which are based on real life military bases. The game is available in deluxe and ultra-luxe versions.


  1. 3.       Price tag of 200,000 USD from Sidney Mobell

The gold and jewel encrusted Monopoly was designed by San Francisco Jeweller Sidney Mobell. He used 18 carat gold for creating the board and accessories. He price of gold shot up from 360 USD per ounce to 1300 USD per ounce during the completion of this expensive board game, he has used 42 full cut diamonds for the number dots and the site of dice is worth 10,000 USD or more. The game also is adorned with a total of 165 expensive gem stones that contains Rubies, Sapphires other than the diamonds. Some of the accessories is also made from 23 carat gold also.


Though the game is credited to the Parker brothers, the game is based actually on a game patented by Elizabeth J. Magie. Though it is not known about any of the games, if there is it can be priceless. The first published versions have also not been traced or auctioned, and they can be of immense value in terms of money as well as collectability.

Another version which can be of immense importance to collectors is a Monopoli published in 1940s in Italy. It was a fascist version of the game, and aimed to create circumvent the Italian laws of that time. The exact value is unknown but it can be really priceless in a number of aspects.

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