Most expensive pool tables with a difference!

Andrea Divirgilio / February 5, 2009

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It’s never an easy job to reform something that has remained basically the same for a long time. But then, there are a few who think out of the box and create something unique. We have come across a range of luxury pool tables and here we are, with some of the most expensive and unusual ones that make sure your pool table is one of a kind. Hit the jump to check them all out.

• The Predator

predator 7ML6W 48

The Predator pool table features use of wood, metal and glass. The frame is made of aluminum and maple veneer with stainless steel cable sets and saber pocket design with ball return. You can further customize it with an internal sound system, etched names or accent lighting. More here.

• Pool table with built-in TV/DVD

executive table x7SVE 48

This is the geekiest billiard table we have ever seen. The ultimate pool table has it all: an LCD TV, stereo with flat paneled speakers, games/DVD player, library rack, night lights for uninterrupted play, ball storage rack and a mirror backed bar. More here.

• Fusion pool table

fusion table lNLFA 48

The Fusion table is basically a pool table disguised as a dining room table. The table reveals a billiard table when you slide away the plank covering it. Slide the plank back on, and you have your dining table back again. The billiard balls and all can be kept under the plank when you use it as a table. More here.

• G-1 glass top pool table

g1 pool table SFAsY 48

Recently spotted, Nottage Design’s G-1 glass top pool table boasts a transparent playing area with a glass top and patented resin playing surface. The patented transparent Vitrik playing surface has been used instead of the traditional felt surface. It gives resistance to rolling balls, just like cloth does. More here.

• Volkswagen Bus Billiards Table

vw bus billiards table r9BiB 48

The Volkswagen Bus billiards table is not a replica and is actually made from a Volkswagen camper van. The Ohio-plated pool table is fully functional. The pool table also has storage area beneath its engine flap for balls and other supplies. More here.

• Aurora LED Pool Table

aurora table LDoH7 48

According to the manufacturers, the Aurora Pool Table has been specially designed to replicate the play found on a commercial pub-style British pool table. This pool table converts into a card playing table and a dining table and each pocket features blue LEDs. More here.

• Chevillotte (very)tables

verytables VYM6W 48

With the turn of a hand, your interior changes with your mood. With no effort and with a crank system, your desk-table transforms into a pool table. More here.

• X factor pool table

x factor rFXvx 48

If you want to make sure your pool table is different than everyone else’s, then all you need to do is purchase one of these custom round pool tables from the JM Billiard Co. More here.

• MartinBauer Tournament Table

martinbauer 9QmnP 48

Seriously crafted for the serious billiards players, the MartinBauer Tournament Table comes with the play area measuring twice as long as it is wide from the cloth-covered nose of the cushion rubber to the opposite rubber. Enhancing its exclusivity, even the slate used in this table comes from Italy. More here.

• Dominic Gerard’s Eagle Pool Table

gerard table 1 48 Qj8Qm 48

Inspired by the Eagle of the United States Federal Reserve, the American Federal Eagle 9-foot pool table is meant for the royals. The finest grade solid red mahogany and black Italian granite solid side rails with mother of pearl diamond inlays have been used to create this inimitable piece. Beautifully hand-carved Federal Eagles on the bases of the table sit on absolute black granite. More here.

• Ornamented pool tables

ornamantal pool table p1QvG 48

Playing billiards gets even more stylish with these luxury pool tables designed by three-time world billiards champion Vincent Facquet. The Luxury Billiards line of custom pool tables are claimed to be the world’s most expensive and most beautiful pool tables. The lavish pool tables are inlaid with 18 diamonds in the frame of the rails and feature precious make. More here.

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