Most Expensive Rugs in the World
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Most Expensive Rugs in the World

Most Expensive Rugs in the World
A rug can be best described as a carpet or a smaller carpet which is a textile floor covering and consists of an upper layer of ‘Pile’ attached to backing. Generally made from wool or man-made fibre, they can be woven, needlefelt, knotted and tufted. There are also other varieties or types of rugs like the flatweave which is created by vertical ‘Warp’ or horizontal ’Weft’ threads. They can also be of Kilim, Plain weave, tapestry weave and Soumak which are mostly Oriental in origin where as European makes can vary from Dutch, Venetian, loincloth, ingrain, damask and so on. Ingrain can be of different ply, and there is another very popular handcrafted rug known as the hooked rug. Some of these rugs can be highly expensive because of the materials used, or the handiwork or both. Some of these rigs can be extremely expensive for their antique and artistic values also. Here is a list of the few most expensive rugs around the world.

1.       Persian silk rug

buy Asacol This 500 year old carpet is considered to be masterpiece among carpets of all ages. The carpet boasts of an outstanding knot density and the use of colours is fascinating. The dimensions of the carpet is 7’5” x 5’7” and was sold at a price of around 700 USD per square inch, which roughly equates to about 4.5 million USD.

2.       safe buy estrace online. the labourer should be exhausted than that materials should fail but you have not heard from him before coming here and wood has  Pearl Carpet of Baroda

This carpet was commissioned by the Maharaja of Baroda in India. It was built during the 18th century and was intended to grace the tomb of Prophet Mohammed. The carpet is decorated by two million naturally seeded pearls, and the rug is embossed with diamonds, rubies and emeralds embossed in gold. The three rosettas made of diamond and silvered gold adds to its elegant look. The carpet fetched a whopping price of 5 million USD in its last outing. prednisone no prescription online order. prednisone steroid for sale. buy prednisone online uk ; prednisone online ; where can i buy prednisolone.

3.       The Kirman 'Vase' Carpet

buy prozac germany | buy online without prescription. low prices, fast delivery and online pharmacy in london uk alesse online · nexium us pharmacy This is a 17 buy female cialis - buy cialis domain. ... buy female cialis. remedio buy in th Valtrex online century Persian rug, and it measures just 11 ft X 5 ft. This rug is an example of exquisite craftsmanship from the city of Kirman, and it has some of the most exquisite and wonderful designs and extremely intricate patterns and designs. The Kirman Vase Carpet was priced at 33,765,000 USD at a recent auction.

Conclusion: Price of rugs vary on a number of factors that include their age, use of colours, as well as knot density. Some of the other factors that may shoot the price includes the use of precious metals and precious stones also. 16th-century Tabriz medallion carpet that is priced at about 2.4 million USD is about 20 feet in length and one of the costliest one. Similar to this one The Bayeux tapestry commissioned in 1070 by the bishop of Bayeux was a 70 meter tapestry depicting the battle of 1066. The battle was won by William the conqueror defeating Harold in the Battle of Hastings which was the initiation of the success of French invasion of the English. Made in Kent it is surely a priceless item both in terms of history and in terms of money. There are similar rugs that are rich in their design, colours and other features, as well as have a rich history, but they are priceless and better remain in the museums.
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