Most expensive salad served to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall costs $568
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Most expensive salad served to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall costs $568

Most expensive salad served to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall costs $568

The most expensive salad

Off lately, we were flooded with the news of the Royals of Britain when Prince William got married to Kate Middleton. Once again the royals are in news. But, this time it’s not about a wedding affair, and it's Britain’s Duchess of Cornwall who made news. Camilla Parker was Purchase Retin-A without prescription offered the world’s most expensive salad at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. The Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is the biggest flower exhibition across the globe. The show exhibits gardens, pavilions floral marquees and displays.

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HSH Prince Charles and wife Camilla Parker were amongst the chief invitees and hence tasted world’s most expensive salad at the show. Duchess of Cornwall was Fluoxetine no prescription enthralled after seeing the 'Naked Garden' that was designed by landscape designer David Domoney. The special feature of the show was the hydroponically grown lettuces and tomatoes that were used in the salad.

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Camilla was thrilled to see all the plants on display which are incredibly expensive because they are grown hydroponically. They are grown without soil and water and nutrients are sprayed direct to the roots. But also this means that the plants on display are all kept alive right till the point they are put in the salad so this is the freshest green salad you will ever eat.

These specially grown plants need special care and dec 23, 2014 - flagyl for pigeons? buy fluoxetine online no prescription ; tadalafil dapoxetine india afectos adversos sertralina! intense hard work by the producers, hence is world’s most expensive in terms of growing and it costs a handsome amount of $427.41(£300) each.

There were a few plants in the show that were grown without using soil and in the transparent containers with water solution inside, enabling everyone see through. The plants grew through the aquatic culture, created with exposed roots and actually sourced from Thailand, America, Brazil and Netherlands.

Most expensive salad

But, what the Britain's Duchess of Cornwall had was not the world's most expensive salad, that title goes to the salad prepared by celebrity chef Raymond Blanc, the head cook of London hotel Hempel Hotel Rajmond. This on-record most expensive salad was prepared to celebrate week of salads at Florette National Salad Week and was titled “Florette buy Premarin Sea and Earth Salad.” The preparation included ingredients such as: caviar beluga, young leaves of salad Florette, a polished truffle, a potato decorated with gold leaves a Cornish crab, a lobster and, a thirty-year-old balsamic vinegar, for a $1,013 price tag.

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