Most expensive shoes for men
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Most expensive shoes for men

Most expensive shoes for men

Men and their obsession for sneakers will never come to an end. From basket ball to Hip-Hop, shoes do matter. Latest collections of spikes and kick sneakers always drive men crazy. Check out the world’s most expensive shoes for men now. This is surely going to make every man drool over shoes, much like their female counterparts.

Air Jordan Silver Shoe

Price: $60,000

Next in our list of most expensive shoes for men is Air Jordan Silver Shoes. Obviously a gold shoe is good to see, but you cannot wear that all the time. But this silver shoe is wearable. For diehard fans of Michael Jordan who is also a brand ambassador for Nike’s Jordon range, his pair of shoes with his autograph is up on eBay for auction. The seller claims the pair was once a birthday gift to him few years back. The shoe-pair is worth $60,000 for a MJ fan.

Diamond studded sneakers

Price: $50,000

For those who like their things to be extra ordinary, these diamond studded sneakers are just the apt thing. Real fashion accessory, these shoes are worth $50,000 named as Air Force 1 by Nike. These shoes are studded with many 11 carat diamonds adorned around the Nike logo and are casted in gold metal. The diamonds are casted in the finest gold stitching to hold the diamond firmly.

Men’s dress shoes from the house of Testoni

Price - $38,000

Tistoni, an expensive house of shoes that was founded in Bologna in 1929 by Amedeo Testoni, is known for the technique of Norvegese (aka Norwegian construction that uses world’s finest alligator skin to make durable shoes. The same house made Men’s dress shoes like custom-made linen twine, lined with glove-soft goatskin and festooned with a gold and diamond buckle. The shoes are superior water resistant and were sold for whooping $38,000.

Nike Air Zoom Kobe 1

Price: $30,000

A unique collection of 4 pairs of shoes is by Nike named as Nike Air Zoom Kobe 1. Each pair has a different city drawn on the shoes top and comes in a beautiful wooden box that is autographed by Kobe Bryant. The four locations namely, Los Angeles, Chicago,Texas and New York have been engraved on the boxes and 10% of the sale goes to charity by the company. Only 25 pairs were made and were sold at cost of $29,999.99.

Gold running shoes

Price: $24,000

Although it’s named as gold running shoes but definitely no one is going to wear a gold shoe for running. These shoes were on sale in 2007 at the pre-match press briefing of the 2007 Shanghai Golden Grand Prixat, Shanghai. The shoes are made of 620 grams of pure gold and measure 26 centimeters in length with a price tag of $24,000.

Louis Vuitton men shoe

Price: $10,000

To break the thinking that Louis Vuitton is just a woman brand, the fashion house has launched a stunning pair of Louis Vuitton shoes for men. The luxury brand commenced its collection of lace-ups for men in the Spring/Summer 2010. The shoe is waxed alligator leather and looks absolutely masculine. The shoe is a combination of traditional craftsmanship with a bit of vintage touch and is an authentic handmade pair. The shoe has a glove-soft leather lining and is made of Blake construction.

Nike high dunk shoes

Price: $5,405

Golden dunks by Nike! Even though not many people will opt to wear them, there are few who may just keep it to their collection. Nike golden shoes, dipped in gold, are completely golden in color including the shoe laces. Obviously you will have to be filthy rich to buy them as the pair costs : $5,405.

Diamond studded shoes by Aubercy

Price: $4,510

Who said diamonds are just for girls? In this era of fashion, even men are all set to accessorize their belongings in bling-bling manner. So, Aubercy for men are studded with real diamonds. These classy shoes are black in color with diamonds encrusted on the tip and are named as “Phil”. The shoes cost ($3010) and ($4,510) depending upon the size of the stone you want.

Stefano Bemer shoes

Price: $2,000

The renowned shoemaker was once was in collaboration with Gucci and is one of the finest cobblers is a master in hand-made shoes. Although his shoes take around 3 months to manufacture but each piece is a treat to for your feet. His shoes, obviously meant for rich and classy people, are made of materials such as toad and camel. Each pair costs somewhere around $2,000.

Swarovski studded FILA shoes

Price : NA

We have hardly seen extra glittering diamond studded sports shoes, but these shoes were specially made to celebrate the 100th anniversary of world renowned Italian sports brand FILA. The brand collaborated with Austrian Swarovski co- creator for creating limited edition sports shoes called FILA FX2. Only 100 pairs are made and are available in basic two colors: black and white with feature of anti-fur designs.

Berluti's handmade shoes

Price: $1,830

People with luxurious taste always prefers a hand-crafted stuff, and they choose to go with expensive handmade shoes crafted by world renowned brands, one like Berluti. Known for creating shoes with unrivaled comfort and elegance, Berluti, one of the world’s most prestigious Parisian boot-maker since 1895, now owned by Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, offers its discerning clients the hand-crafted bold new Andy Loafer’s. Berluti’s Olga Berluti originally designed these classic shape loafers for the renowned pop artist Andy Warhol, and since then, it has become one of the brand’s most popular styles, available in wide selection of fabrics and leather. Finished in a rainbow of hand-patinated hues, the loafer’s latest incarnation has been loosely inspired by its patron. For its discerning clients, Berluti offers quite expensive hand-crafted shoes at a price range of $1,830 per pair.

Other expensive brands:

Brands like New & Lingwood, A Testoni, John Lobb by Hermes are also among some of the most expensive shoe brands for men.

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