Moto Guzzi’s 2014 California 1400 series bikes are the most advanced cruisers on the market
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Moto Guzzi’s 2014 California 1400 series bikes are the most advanced cruisers on the market

Moto Guzzi’s 2014 California 1400 series bikes are the most advanced cruisers on the market

When one hears the name Moto Guzzi, there might not be instant recall, except for perhaps the elite lot of biking geeks. After all, the name has been associated with policing via the LAPD, and California Highway Patrol, where they teamed up over 40 years ago. They even lent their design expertise to the Renard GT bike, which used their V-twin engine design. Now they have bought in 2 new models the 2014 California 1400 series, which includes the Custom and Touring editions. These latest editions will be a true new test for the company, as they look to match up to the experience they have gained since 1921, and combine it with modern day purchase Lamisil technology to make bikes which it's target set of consumes will like. By April 15 this year, the Custom and Tourer will be open for testing and bookings in all of the US outlets, to licensed motorcycle riders. The pricing for the Custom ABS is $14,990 and available in Basalt black and mercury gray, where as the Touring model carries a price tag $17,990, and is available in Ambassador Black and Eldorado White shades.

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2014 Moto Guzzi California 1400 Tourer bike

Amongst the most notable change in the Moto Guzzi 2014 California series, is the power packed 1400cc V-twin engine, sporting the largest twin cylinder design ever cheap valacyclovir made. For the slightly more adventurous riders, there is the triple level MGCT traction level control, making it easy gliding in tougher conditions. Then depending on the weather, one can switch between the 3 power output modes; Turismo (Touring), Veloce (Sport), and Pioggia ( rain mode). This added feature is perhaps the world's first 'ride-by-wire' technology used in bikes, which can change character, as and when needed.

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Speaking of the 2 models, the California 1400 Touring is equipped with a 2-tone Accutane online saddle, a patrol style windshield, chrome lined fog lamps, aerodynamic protection, and cargo capacity rarely found in tourer bikes of its class. Clearly targeted for long riding pleasures The Custom on the other hand is a toned down version of the Tourer, and relies more on the simplicity of the design. In short, one can define the main parts including the 2 wheels, the engine, the handlebars, saddle, apart from the standard features mentioned before. The origin of all these designs is the Mandello Del Lario, in Italy which is known to several other such luxury brands.

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