Motorized suitcase saves you a lot of trouble and a lot in medical bills

Andrea Divirgilio / June 23, 2008

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If you have ever spent your back lugging large suitcase around, this all new motorized suitcase should really interest you a great deal. Created by a small UK company called Live Luggage, the power-assisted (PA) case features special motors in each of its wheels that can make even 65 pounds worth of luggage feel as light as only 6.5 pounds. What’s even better is that the adjustable anti-gravity handle on the bags let the wheels bear over 85 percent of the weight which, coupled with the ‘force sensors’ make the motor move automatically who you’re not left placing all that stress on your back or arms. With relatively large and solid “pan-cake” wheels placed far forward, tugging the luggage on even the most uneven surfaces becomes quiet a breeze while some super confidential security features make your bag nearly hack and thief proof.

But, the best part about this design has got be the stunning motors that that run on a 12v NiMH battery that can last for about two hours and one and three-quarters of a mile on a single charge. At $1,300, the Live Luggage PA suitcase is sure not cheap but considering the medical bills it will help you save, I’d say it’s quite a bargain at the end of the day!

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via TheRawFeed / Computer World

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