Motorlight – Psychedelic lights for your living space

Andrea Divirgilio / July 28, 2008

moodlighting FzXp7 48

How would you like colorful beams of light splashing across your walls and then switch over to a neat spotlight? Now you can bring a little bit of psychedelics right into your living/bedroom. Motorlight, designed by Jake Dyson is the perfect solution if you like psychedelic lighting in your interiors. This can automatically change between spotlight mode and the beam mode to create a surreal atmosphere. And we all know how lighting is important to create moods and also to dramatically change the ambience of the living space. Motorlight allows you to vary light angles to suit different environments and needs, from ambient light through to spotlighting. At about $980 a piece, and with 5 colors to choose from, it is a great luxury lighting device that you can bring home. Special edition colors are available on request.

via Gizmodo

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