Mountain Hardware Stronghold Camping Tent – Camping never got so exciting before!

Andrea Divirgilio / July 21, 2007

If camping has been one of your passions but the thought of staying in a painful tent has been haunting you, then it’s time that you blow out some bucks on the Mountain Hardware Stronghold Camping Tent. With its dome shape, it resembles the outside of a space planetarium and looks really chic with its five perimeter vents meant for cross-ventilation. Through the vents, you can also gaze at the starlit sky (if you are a dreamer type). It encompasses three zipped doors along with a roof vent. It has a waterproof perimeter band, which gives you an extra benefit of camping in the snow as well. We had earlier come up with N!ergy tent for the cool geeks but this one is exclusively meant for the fun loving and the adventurous brats. With a price tag of $3000, it’s worth the buy.

via Luxist

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