Moynat Bicycle Trunk is for the elite cyclists

Andrea Divirgilio / July 23, 2012

One of the oldest and illustrious French trunk makers ‘malletier’ who continued to pioneer innovation in the design of trunks since 1849, Moynat has now turned to bicycles and launched the bicycle picnic trunk in an effort to revive the classic tradition of trunks. Known for its traditional know-how and skills base in handcrafting made to order luggage and travel goods, Moynat now Bernard Arnault’s new approach to luxury, created this handy and versatile trunk that comes with its very own Dutch style bicycle, but can be adapted to fit any bike model. This exclusive bicycle trunk will definitely appeal to the likes of uber-rich riders of the world’s most expensive bicycles. For the elites, Moynat also earlier unveiled a lavish pop up trunk that offers a breakfast experience in few selected luxury hotels. However, we have also earlier seen the luxury luggage set that features made-to-measure suitcases from prestigious brands like Louis Vuitton, Moynat, and Hermés, besides others.

Moynat Bicycle Trunk is for the elite cyclists

Moynat’s bicycle trunk sits between the front wheel and the handlebars, whereas the Moynat canvas trunk conceals a fully-equipped picnic basket. The trunk also contains brushed aluminum thermos and porcelain goblets as well as plate and cutlery holders and a sandwich drawer. Further, napkins and silverware are held in one place by brown leather strips, while other picnic necessities’ slide into different available cases.

Moynat Bicycle Trunk is for the elite cyclists

This versatile trunk crafted from Moynat’s signature Art Deco Initiale canvas with a popular wood structure is available by special order at maker’s Paris flagship store on Rue Saint- Honoré.

Speaking about the lavish pop trunk by Moynat; the ‘Breakfast in Bed’ trunk launched earlier this year by the brand, features everything which is required to create a luxurious breakfast, including exclusive designer carafes for juices, dishes, special Moynat napkins as well as truffle graters. Also, this custom design trunk serves up all gastronomic indulgences together with the head chef of Le Meurice, Yannick Alleno. Additionally, there’s a gold gas burner which is built-in order for chef Yannick Alleno to serve fresh and delicious omelette straight from the specially-designed pan. And, all the required ingredients can be stored in the back of the trunk.

Moynat's Lavish pop up trunk

Via: WWD

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