Multi Monitor Desk System with the flipIT advantage

Andrea Divirgilio / February 13, 2008

duo mounting system

Now, this is probably the best computer-related innovation since the laptop. The flipIT DUO Mounting System from SmartDesks lets you view multiple programs and tool palette running on your PC. It’s like having two separate windows opens all the time. By expanding the area of vision, power users get to literally double their workspace on the desktop. You can choose between having two 19-inch monitors or one single 36″ case width cinema widescreen display plugged into your flipIT DUO Mounting System to max out your station. The screens are adjustable so you can tilt the display at an angle you are best comfortable with while the extra-wide keyboard and mouse tray lends you all the flexibility your heart desires. Internal wire management, cable ports on both sides, and open access to the CPU make the DUO Desk an IT installer’s dream. No words on pricing.

duo mounting system 1duo mounting system 2

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