Multitouch Table Baroque is luxurious ‘surface’ for your riches

Andrea Divirgilio / June 5, 2010

multitouch table 1

Multitouch has crept faster than ever lately, it’s making inroads into almost all kinds of consumer electronics, and multitouch tables have been the prime of them all, especially after the emergence of the Microsoft Surface. Taping into the thick of things, MTS – DOC has introduced multitouch Table Baroque in combinations of wood (oak, beech, cherry, maple, mahogany, larch) and metal parts to choose from. The Table Baroque is done specifically for libraries, museums and institutions and perhaps your house if the interiors are up to match the antique make of the table. Measuring 78 x 112 x 95cm, the Table Baroque is quad core powered computer that runs XP, Vista, Windows 7. The edges of the multitouch Table Baroque are made from oak, 3x lacquer and 3x polished, while leg holders made from pure brass and the ventilator grilles are covered in gold.

multitouch table 2

Via: Multi Touch

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