Muscle your speakers with the new Goldmund Telos 250 amplifier

Andrea Divirgilio / April 10, 2010

gold mund telos 250 amplifier

Known for its ultra high-end offerings, the Swiss manufacturer Goldmund has unveiled the new mono amplifier to muscle your speakers into a roof-shattering doodad. The Goldmund Telos 250 comes in to replace the Telos 200, if that didn’t work for you. Featuring a larger chassis with better mechanical grounding, The Telos 250 offers higher power and uses the new capacitors developed from the Telos 5000 to considerably improve its “driver control.” Equipped with a Telos circuit and built-in digital input along with a built-in D/A Alize 5 converter, the Goldmund Telos 250 is available for $13,800.

Thanks, Anne!

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