Music Sofa With Built-In CD Player/Speaker

Andrea Divirgilio / March 23, 2007

music sofa 12
We have told you about some amazing hi-tech chairs in the past that feature built-in speakers including the iChair. So, just to add more options to your list, we have this Music Sofa from designer Giongkun Wuqiongkun. This sofa contains a wireless speaker set-up along with a built in CD player. So, as such nothing is so special as compared to the other multimedia chairs, we told you about like the Amadeus Sound System that featured an integrated powerful audio system that could hook-up to your choice of audio source be it a reader MP3 or CD, or even the sound of a television set, besides an iPod connection. But, nonetheless the Music Sofa will add a funky look to your decor.

via Gizmodo

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