Musical Rumba Series – Sway to your own beat!

Andrea Divirgilio / March 15, 2008

musical rumba table

This is really interesting as I happen to see something very similar coined as ‘Invisible Strings’ at a science center, which I happen to like a lot. The instrument was obviously built using some LEDs and when light on it ceases to fall, it makes beautiful sound indeed. While I do not know much about this Musical Rumba series, it seems that it too can make wonderful symphony and also act as a piece of furniture in your living room. It is like a drum table and it probably needs a bit more work than those invisible strings. It allows you to design your own drum table and of course wreck the peace of everyone else at your place by churning out tunes and loud beats which would be more akin to annoying noise in case you have little or no idea about drums. The musically gifted table comes in four different sizes and also in four different prices. The larger your table is the deeper is the whole in your pocket. That I suppose is a simple and accepted principle of economics.

The price ranges from $800 for a 2×2 tables to a good $2900 for a 4×4 table. So get one of these and knock yourself out! Just keep them away from me as I have no idea about drums whatsoever.

via BLTD

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