The Musikbox by Werner Aisslinger is the iPad controlled sophisticated jukebox

Andrea Divirgilio / May 3, 2012

Till very recently, music was primarily about what we take in, and experience through our ears in synchronized sound. But adding visual appeal has still been a rarity, which few have managed to do, especially with the jukeboxes. We have seen the rather vibrant examples like the Frog Design’s SmartJuke Virtuo, and the Xi Classic jukebox with mood lighting features, but sophistication and minimalism seemed to be lacking somewhere. In that respect, the Musikbox by Werner Aisslinger fits the bill perfectly, with clutter free long chassis, and great sound quality. The more techno friendly aspect is that it can be controlled via an iPad or iPhone, to play exactly what you want to it, with a few flicks of the finger.

The Musikbox by Werner Aisslinger

The project was initiated by Christian Friedrich, who had got designer Wener Aisslinger and Linn to come together, and develop something which takes a distinctive turn away from the competition. Hopefully, they were successful as the Musikbox is not what one would conventionally associate with a jukebox. Horizontally shaped with just the table beneath, this device is all flat, clean and high quality. It seems to take simplicity to a whole new dimension by not indulging in any curves and shapes of the original design structure, instead keeping it sharp and straight. Looks good simply as designer furniture even!

The Musikbox by Werner Aisslinger neat straight lines

On the techno front, this is every bit the modern feature loaded gizmo one is looking for. Controlled via any Apple OS or Android device, playing audio is more a matter of just flicking fingers on your storage devices. There are some other highlights like the 2 digital and 5 analog port inputs, 3-way loudspeakers with super tweeter, an internet based radio, Infra-red remote control, and also the compatibility to be used as a PC sound card, which makes it highly attractive to those with multiple audio storage devices.

The Musikbox by Werner Aisslinger wireless control

Since sound formats are numerous and varied, this jukebox boasts of working perfectly with .Wav, .Mp3, ALAC, and AAC formats, thus making the flexible as well. However, no word regarding the price and availability just as yet.

The Musikbox by Werner Aisslinger

Via: Interlubke

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