n2Vin keeps open wine bottles soothing for a month

Andrea Divirgilio / May 29, 2009


Designed to impress the wine connoisseurs, the new n2Vin wine refrigeration and preservation unit is being said to keep an open bottle of wine delicious for a month. As the name states, the n2Vin uses nitrogen gas, which displaces destructive oxygenated air in the headspace of opened bottles. It comes with five dispensing taps connected to five opened bottles and space for five other bottles. It also features digital temperature controls that keep your special bottles at the optimum temperature for full flavor. It’s also available with a free pour option. The n2Vin wine refrigeration and preservation unit is housed in a black cabinet with stainless steel interiors, and it’s available with both right- and left-handed door hinging. You can even customize the appearance of the wine bar with your logo. The internal lighting, white or blue fluorescent, shows your labels clearly. The pricing for the n2Vin wine refrigeration and preservation unit starts at $2,500.

n2vin 2

Via: n2Vin

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