NASCAR-themed BBQ grill lets you roar up a meal

Andrea Divirgilio / May 2, 2008

nascar bbq grill bmyTj 48
What is it with guys and racecars? I mean they just don’t seem to ever get tired of watching other dude risk life and limb going round and round on the same circuit. And if your home wasn’t already packed to capacity with all of your husband/ boyfriend/ dad/ brother’s racing and racecar memorabilia, you have to mentally prepare to throw out another one of you useless things (like the washing machine or your car) to make room for this NASCAR race themed BBQ grill with chuck wagon tailgating because just by looking at it I can tell that its going right on top of all the macho men’s must-have lists. For a racing enthusiast, just the NASCAR exterior is enough to close the deal but the thing is quite handy even if you are a non-racing BBQ lover as well. Complete with a full size stainless steel Cal Flame 4 burner propane BBQ grill with lights, a slide out storage compartment or a cooler transport deck and a CD/DVD combo JVC stereo with a 6 speaker set up, this little BBQ monster is a complete camping party machine.

The customized racing details aren’t half-bad either. With painted-on racing theme graphics complimented by red LED lighted whip with checkered flag, custom rims with racing tires and a red see-through propane tank make it a true NARCAR collectible. Too bad these little beasts are not street legal but when you’ve got one of these towing behind you family wagon, even the most off-road camping site will feel better than Indy. The starting bid for this NASCAR-themed BBQ grill sits at US $16,995.

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