NAT Audio Magna amplifier – 160W of pure power for $55,000

Andrea Divirgilio / November 15, 2007

nat audio magma

So, what we can expect from a tube amplifier worth US $55,000 per pair? Obviously, an unrivaled blend of power and performance. The NAT Audio Magma tube amplifier is billed as the most powerful single-ended tube amplifier on the market. It throws 160 watts of pure power in the 10-10,000 Hz range. To blast this power, Magma makes use of three different tubes, the 6N1P-EV, the 6N30P-DR, and the Eimac 450TH. The powerful amplifier utilizes an unusual direct-heated NOS amp design that runs into a DC-coupled all-tube circuit. Other salient specs include a low global feedback configuration with damping factor of 20, power supply resulting to over 500 joules of energy storage. Weighing at 88 lbs, the NAT Audio Magma tube amplifier is perfect for those who are addicted to very, very loud music.

via UberReview

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