Natalia Vodianova | $ 24 Million
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Natalia Vodianova Net Worth

Net Worth $ 24 Million
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Born on: 28th Feb 82 Born in: Russia Marital status: Married Occupation: Model
The world knows her as one the highest paid models living on the face of the earth. It has been a meteoric rise for her since 2001 with campaigns for Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs. Her incredibly racy print ads for Calvin Klein have made her an unforgettable face in the minds of people. Also memorable are her campaigns for Miss Sixty jeans, Yves Saint Laurent and her recent endorsement of Gucci's new perfume. Her slender body, beautiful blue eyes and great gait has made her the archetypal woman to whom all others are compared. As a model, Natalia has had unmatched success. She has walked more than 175 runway shows for European and American haute coutre and ready-to-wear collections. With editorial spreads in worldwide fashion magazines, she has done campaigns for the leading brands like Etam, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Guerlain and Versace. She has appeared on the British Vogue more than half a dozen times. Figuring prominently on several lists, she is the seventh-highest paid model in the world. She has also briefly dappled with acting. Having lived in a coop during childhood, Vodianova currently own multiple homes around the world (New York, London, Uruguay etc.) with her fairy-tale country home in England being the highlight. She has traveled the world and it is difficult to separate her work visits from vacations! Being a supermodel, she uses almost all the best fashion and lifestyle brands in the world. Along with her huge success, she also has a huge heart. Having come from a very difficult childhood, she has founded the Naked Heart Foundation which makes efforts to provide a safe and healthy environment for every urban Russian child. It specializes in building parks. She has several philanthropic spending ventures like supporting the (Bugaboo)RED campaign against AIDS in Africa, being a spokesperson for Hear the World and Tiger Trade Campaign. Natalia Vodianova's story has been one of the proverbial rags to riches one. Born in Gorky (present day Nizhny Novogorod), she lived in a very difficult situation with her mother, two half-sisters (of which one is an invalid) and her mother's abusive boy friends. As a teenager, she helped her mother set up a 'fruit and vegetable' stall. The stall was a success for their standards. However, Ms.Vodianova enrolled into a modeling agency, learning etiquette. A Paris scout promised her a great future if she learn't English in 3 months. She did that and by 19, she had grown from modeling for Viva Agency into headlining for Yves Saint Laurent. By then, she also fell in love and married the British rel-estate mogul, Justin Portman. From then, her career has been on a constant rise and she is a supermodel even today, at the age of 30. After three children, she separated from Portman in 2011 and is currently in a relationship with Antoine Arnault.
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