NBS high-end speakers look like a work of art and need no acoustic makeover

Andrea Divirgilio / February 10, 2009

nbs speakers UEB4i 12
The economic downturn has not dampened rich people’s taste for extraordinary luxuries, especially in the home front. So, here’s the latest in the world of high-end audio: E. V. A. & Butterfly speaker systems from NBS Cables. The high-end audio manufacturer is known for its unconventional designs, which are also somewhat unorthodox in configuration. The company’s speaker range is a pure work of art with novel designs like the Pyramid speaker systems and E. V. A. & Butterfly speaker systems, which boasts unique configuration to let you experience your music in a new fashion. The philosophy behind their creations is that no reasonable room needs to be tampered with in order to achieve good results.

The Pyramid, when viewed from the front, has no apparent openings or speakers. The woofer faces the floor, the midrange apertures are on the sides and the tweeter is in the back. All the sound reaches the listener by indirect paths, which means the result will be superior imaging over a very wide area, so you can enjoy your music in any room. The Pyramid speakers feature a 15″ unit in a sealed enclosure, which ensures that diffractions around the cabinet are smoothly distributed in frequency. The base model in the Pyramid range is priced at $25,000, and the top model comes for a hefty, $75,000.

E. V. A. & Butterfly speaker systems are the priciest piece of audio from the company’s range and they feature two Pyramid speakers which houses 18” woofer per unit, the bass unit follows the couture of a butterfly and houses one 18” woofer per unit, besides two mid-range compression drivers, and two tweeters for an extraordinary price tag of $200,000.

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