Neiman Marcus 2012 Christmas Gifts for the one percent
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Neiman Marcus 2012 Christmas Gifts for the one percent

Neiman Marcus 2012 Christmas Gifts for the one percent

For whom money is no object, Neiman Marcus Christmas Book has the gift choices for ultimate shopping indulgence. For 86 years, the luxury retailer has been offering the fantasy gift options for the filthy rich with a penchant for the finest. “Once again there is something for everyone – from the luxury watch collector, to the video game aficionado, to the backyard farmer," said John Koryl, President of Neiman Marcus Direct. All nine of the fantasy gifts offered in the gift guide features a certain percentage for charity, so it sure would leave a mark on one’s bank balance, but not on the conscience.

Luxurious Christmas Gifts

1) Van Cleef & Arpels “Poetic Wish” Watches

Van Cleef & Arpels Watches

The “His & Hers” gifts include the limited edition Van Cleef & Arpels watch set for watch collectors which is also the most expensive gift in the catalog for $1,090,000. A tale of love found and lost has inspired the collectible watch set depicting scenes from a love story – perfect for the celebrity couple like Jay Z and Beyoncé known for splurging on gift items for each other.

"It's a classic love story. Boy meets girl, a romance is sparked, but fate has intervened and they are separated, but both are left longing to find one another," said Marisa Neira, watch product manager for Van Cleef & Arpels.

The buyer will also receive two business-class tickets to Paris and Geneva to tour the Van Cleef & Arpels boutique, atelier, and watchmaking workshops. Neiman Marcus will donate $10,000 for each His & Hers 2012 gift sold to The Norman Mailer Center, which supports writers who challenge readers’ perspectives on the world around them.

2) Neiman Marcus Edition 2013 McLaren 12C Spider

McLaren 12C Spider

While McLaren Automotive has unveiled their gen-next Mclaren P1 at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, the 2013 McLaren 12C Spider released last year is on the top of everyone’s wish list. The Neiman Marcus Edition 2013 McLaren 12C Spider is all the more special, for only 12 will be made. Dubbed as “the drive of a lifetime,” the volcano red convertible boasts black leather interior with red stitching. Additional luxury options thrown in to add to the exclusivity includes, a business-class trip for two to England with stay in London, a trip to the automaker’s recently opened Technology Center and dinner with Ron Dennis, the McLaren chairman. Listed for $354,000, the supercar is priced over and above its retail price of $302,830.

McLaren luggage set

This special-edition of the MP4-12C Spider also included the luggage-set made from an exclusive carbon fiber outer material, with carbon fibre handles and silver or McLaren Orange detail stitching. Available in 3-sizes, the luggage has been especially designed to fit perfectly in the trunk of the MP4-12C.

UPDATE: Neiman Marcus has sold out all 12 Special Edition 2013 McLaren 12C Spider from its holiday catalog, priced at $354,000 each, in less than two hours after sales officially began today!

3) Private Dinner for 10

Private Dinner for 10

The Christmas celebrations would be so boring without a gastronomic indulgence. The gift guide includes a private dinner experience with nine of your pals. The epic culinary event will bring four of the world’s most notable chefs—Daniel Boulud, Thomas Keller, Jerome Bocuse, and Richard Rosendale—to prepare a feast for you. The culinary experience will kick start with tequila tasting with the world’s first female Maestra Tequilera and end with personalized, engraved crystal bottles of the sipping spirit for each of the diners. The one of a kind treat will set you back for $250,000.

4) Bulleit Woody Tailgate Trailer

Bulleit Woody Tailgate Trailer

Whiskey lovers can now tailgate on a vineyard vacation on this whiskey woody-tailgate trailer designed by interior designer Brad Ford. The trailer features exotic interiors to match its exteriors. The interiors feature sleek leather furnishings and details from Moore & Giles, rich wood finishings handcrafted from reclaimed Bulleit Bourbon casks, and comes equipped with elegant glassware, a limited-edition handcrafted flask, besides a top-notch entertainment system, including a flat-screen TV, Blu-ray Disc player, and a state-of-the-art sound system. The owner will also get a one-year supply of Bulleit Bourbon and Bulleit Rye along with a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon signed by founder Tom Bulleit and a leather-bound edition of The PDT Cocktail Book. The trailer is listed at $150,000.

5) $100,000 Heritage hen house

Heritage hen house

The super rich pet lovers love has been known to indulge on their luxury pets. From most expensive pet houses to pet jewellery and flying them on private jets, the pets are the trophies for the super rich. And for the hen owners, Neiman Marcus Versailles-inspired Le Petite Trianon house is the most expensive hen house ever! The custom-made multilevel house features a nesting area, a “living room” for nighttime roosting, a broody room, a library filled with chicken and gardening books for visitors of the human kind, and, it comes furnished with an elegant chandelier. For every Heritage Hen Mini Farm purchase, $3,000 will go to The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, a nonprofit organization.

Inside $100,000 Heritage hen house

Inside $100,000 Heritage hen house

6) JetLev R200

JetLev R200

For the adventure-seeking rich kids, JetLev R200 jet pack will get you a real high, soaring in the sky. The water-propelled jetpack sells for $99,500.

7) Pinel & Pinel Arcade PS Trunk

Pinel & Pinel Arcade PS Trunk

We had told you about the Pinel & Pinel board games trunk, but, here is an arcade trunk for the gen-next. A perfect billionaire toy, the custom-made arcade trunk is all you need for a dose of entertainment. The trunk comes encased in luxurious calfskin, Formula 1 racing seat with Thrustmaster T500 RS Force Wheel, a selection of 24 PlayStation 3 games, 1800-watt wireless music system, motion-detection camera, besides other luxury features for $90,000.

Snowy Owl video portraits

The other items includes “Snowy Owl” video portraits series, by artist Robert Wilson for $70,000 and a stage appearance in one of theater’s most beloved plays, ANNIE: The Musical.

ANNIE: The Musical

After the on-stage appearance, the buyer will also get a chance to sit down with one of the show’s producers for a celebratory five-star meal for $30,000.

Via: Neiman Marcus

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