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New Armored Range Rover Vogue For The Rich & Famous

Andrea Divirgilio / March 26, 2007

range rover vogue 12
We have earlier told you about the bulletproof vehicles including the pimped-pout Russian military vehicle owned by a Moscow entrepreneur and the Land Cruiser/ Tank that went-up on sale at Amazon. Now, Range Rover adds to the fully-armored vehicles range with new Range Rover Vogue that is designed to resist attack from machine gun or hand grenade. The Range Rover Vogue Security Vehicle is the first armored Land Rover vehicle to be offered as a production model.

The all-terrain vehicle is essentially bomb proof due to its extensive kevlar linings and floor plating and its windows can withstand sustained automatic weapon fire. The tires have run flat capability, so they can be used for up to fifty kilometers after they burst. And, the vehicle is powered with Explosafe fuel tank which prevents the fuel from igniting in case a projectile hits the fuel tank. Gizmag reports, that the new Range Rover Vogue will be available to four levels of security, the first three offering protection from attack by hand-gun, assault rifle or high velocity rifle and the ultimate version provides protection against armor piercing to European B6 plus standard, and is capable of withstanding attack from a NATO 7.62 ball round fired from 10 meters at a typical velocity of 830 meters per second.

The ultimate security vehicle can further be customized to include an internal oxygen system, darkened glass and an intercom.

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