The new Fagor induction hob with Freezone technology comes with “pasta function”

Andrea Divirgilio / May 16, 2012

The new Fagor induction hob with Freezone technology comes with

With newer innovations and ideas popping up left, right and center, the kitchen has come to resemble a “melting pot” of technological experiments. We had told you about the Electrolux 3D hob earlier. Stylish and energy efficient, it packed functionality and creativity in one suitcase. Keyhole hob, another Electrolux creation that we reported on, bagged the prestigious gold award at the 2010 Singapore Design awards. European in design, the hob was meant primarily for Asian kitchens. And now, evoking fresh memories of hob- related experiments in the past, Fagor present their latest collection- fashionable induction hobs with a dash of Freezone technology and innovative “Pasta Function” thrown in.

The spectacular pieces are available in 93 cm and 63 cm size variations. A silver glass finishing adds to its charm. The 93 cm Induction hob, having special touch control features, comes with a central digital display. Three circular zones, measuring 21 cm, 16 cm and 28 cm each, provide you with ultimate independence while cooking. In addition to the three regular zones, the hob gives you a fourth Freezone.

The Freezone, true to its name, frees you from the torment of limited spaces. They outsmart regular inductions hobs in enabling you to heat multiple pans anywhere in the zone. The ceramic glass surface is fitted with multiple inductors which allow the pans to be placed as and where the owner pleases. And the best part is, you can actually cook multiple pans at the same uniform temperature or get the Freezone divided into two separate zones.

For Pasta freaks, the induction hob could turn into an absolute delight. The piece features a unique “Pasta Function” which dutifully alerts the owner when the boiling point of water is ideal for pasta to be added. After adding necessary ingredients, all you need to do is, set the cooking time and then wait until the hob emits an audible signal. Your pasta is now ready to eat! Innovative and user-friendly, the product comes with a five year warranty.

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