The New HM6 Space Pirate Watch by MB&F – Being Fascinated by the Universe
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The New HM6 Space Pirate Watch by MB&F – Being Fascinated by the Universe

The New HM6 Space Pirate Watch by MB&F – Being Fascinated by the Universe


Every single time MB&F launches a new product, we are amazed by their creativity and uniqueness. This brand stands out of the crowd due to their ingenuity and insight, creating high-end watches that both look stunning and bring something new to the table. The new HM6 Space Pirate is no exception from the rule.


A Whole New Concept


Mankind has always been fascinated by the universe, by its vastness and complexity. The creative guys from MB&F have decided to walk in the steps of Neil Armstrong, Galileo and Stephen Hawking, by designing a whole new concept of watch that is said to enable the wearer to immerse into the immensity of the universe. The Space Pirate is built in the spirit of the universe, encompassing many features and tools that make it invaluable.


Featuring a titanium case (produced from a grade 5 titanium alloy), time telling domes, 3D horological engine, twin aluminum turbines, green platinum winding rotor and an astounding 68 jewels, this watch is a jewel of its own. There is no doubt that this $230,000 watch comes in only 50 pieces, being as limited as a high-end watch can be. The 50 possessors can definitely boast with this exquisite piece of technology that has 10 sapphire crystals, 475 interior components and 80 exterior components.


The Case


The case of the new HM6 Space Pirate Watch by MB&F is highly thermally anti-conductive and anti-corrosive. Making such resistant material (grade 5 titanium alloy) smooth and aesthetically attractive requires more than 100 hours of satin brushing and polishing, all of which has to be done manually. Each corner of the HM6 features a sapphire crystal dome – two of them display the hours and minutes, while the other two house two identical spherical turbines that automatically spin to reduce wear and stress. Each turbine is made of solid aluminum.


The flying tourbillion dome at the center protects the engine from oxidizing due to excess UV light. To top it all, HM6 Space Pirate’s curve evoke images of space items, from space helmets and magic wands to intergalactic travel and spaceships. Some owners might even feel like flying when wearing this jewel.




This modern watch was inspired by a Japanese animated series – Capitaine Flam. Max (Maximillian Büsser), its master designer, wanted to create something unique that looks more like an alien than a spaceship. He had succeeded. While the domed sapphire looks pretty simple, the process behind its creation required tens of hours of extensive labor. As a matter of fact, nearly all the components of the case and the mechanism had to be developed individually, which took a great deal of time and many resources.


The New HM6 Space Pirate Watch by MB&F – Truly Beautifully & Unique


Although the company behind this amazing space watch is no stranger to controversies, their Space Pirate exceeds all expectations in terms of creativity, design, and of course cost. There are not many watchmakers who dare to be deviant. Still, 50 lucky men and women (mostly men) willing to pay $230,000 on this gorgeous watch will be definitely thankful to Max for his desire to bring something new to the table, something that has definitely been a game changer in the watch industry.

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