New Innespace Sea Breacher Dolphin Watercraft

Andrea Divirgilio / December 11, 2006

innespace sea breacher 12
Remember, back in May, we told you about the dolphin-shaped submersible, Innespace’s Dolphin watercraft and we told you that the company will soon be up with their two-seater model. It’s all here now! The Innespace Sea Breacher is a two-seat version of the Bionic Dolphin. The SeaBreacher is designed 50% larger in order to accommodate a full sized passenger as well as allowing for bigger and more powerful engine packages.

The SeaBreacher uses the aircraft canopy from an F-22 Raptor to provide a panoramic view for both the pilot and passenger. There are even two smaller view ports in the floor, near the pilot’s foot controls, for increased visibility and a camera pod mounted on the snorkel that relays images of the surface to a video screen positioned in the dash. The hull of the new Sea Breacher submersible is made from fibreglass over a PVC honeycomb core and it also features a large snorkel, disguised as a fin, which allows for deeper dives and greater air flow capacity. All the mechanical elements of the SeaBreacher are removable, and made from either stainless steel, aluminium or teflon.

The fascinating watercraft is powered by an Atkins 13B rotary marine conversion engine which delivers maximum speed of 175 horsepower. There is even a 240 bhp supercharged version available with the company. No details on the pricing can yet be had!

via DisenoArt

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