New leap of faith with the ADM9 speakers

Andrea Divirgilio / February 19, 2008

amd9 speaker

I don’t normally rave about gadgets this much. After all, one creation will soon be replaced by a more advanced one. However, having come across the ADM9s from AVI-d, I must say that they are so good that its worth spreading the word. Like any layman, I enjoy my music and often spend many hours together playing music on my music system. Although I have thoroughly enjoyed my adventures in hifi, I always felt something or the other was lacking. The ADM9s make up for any listening inconsistencies people may have and those who use the ADM9 hifi feel that music listening experiences have been taken to a new level. Some say that the ADM9s are extremely open and honest and music is played in its original form with no coloration. The ADM9s produce exceptional levels of fine detail without sounding too analytical or distant, and always remain focused and composed. When reading about the ADM9, what one user said was that what is really special about the speakers is the tone of the music that comes out of them. Everything sounds so natural its no longer a case of ‘wow, I’ve not heard that before’ but a case of ‘wow, I’ve not heard it like that before.’ The sound is produced so naturally.

amd9 main

These ADM9 speakers are reasonably priced and comes as a complete package that all else seem redundant. For £1000, you get a pair of active speakers, active crossovers, 1 100 wattpower amp, 1 250 watt power amp a preamp and a Digital to Analogue Converter all built in to units not that much bigger than a pair of linn Kans. The good thing abot ADM9s is that you don’t actually need to have a hifi system. All you need is a digital source, which can be a Mac Mini that comes ready to stream Music to up to five rooms via an Airport Express. It can deploy the TV screen to play videos and play sounds at great qualities. The ADM9 speakers come in a range of finishes, including the stunning new black or white piano lacquer finish. What are you waiting for? Isn’t it time for you to experience music at previously unimagined quality? Go get your ADM9s now.

via AviHifi

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