New Mercedes-Benz bicycle range includes a folding bike

Andrea Divirgilio / June 5, 2009

mercedes benz bicycle

Bicycling will be an absolute pleasure with the new range of bicycles from Mercedes-Benz, which the automaker is saying will have the same level of quality as its cars. The new bicycle range includes a folding bike, a new mountain bike and a racing bike, and all of them feature an outstanding level of technical features. The highlight of the new Mercedes-Benz Bike Sports Selection 2009/2010 is the folding bike, which features a patented folding mechanism that will help cyclists to fold it down in no time, without the need of any extra tools. There can be two different folding positions – first is the Shuttle position where the bike can still be pushed and steered, ideal for easy carriage using public transport, and the other when the bike is completely folded down to fit into small spaces. The new Mercedes-Benz folding bike is available in silver or white and sells for €1,699 (approximately $2,410). The other bikes in the collection are equally impressive.

The Mercedes mountain bike is designed especially for the most jagged tracks and off-road biking adventures. Limited to a worldwide edition of 100 examples, the bike comes with carbon-fiber pedals, special disc brakes and custom wheels from DT Swiss. It is available in matt black/matt white, and costs €4,000 ($5,670).

The most expensive bike is the racing bike that is available from Mercedes-Benz 2009 as a limited edition of 100. It features a high-end carbon-fiber frame, Carbotec monocoque carbon-fiber fork, SRAM RED 20-speed gears, SRAM RED carbon-fiber pedals and a set of DT Swiss RWS wheels in white. The Mercedes racing bike is available in five frame sizes in carbon/white/red, and costs €4,999 ($7,085). Roll over to see some more images.

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Via: MotorAuthority/EmercedesBenz

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