New Sabdes 50m Superyacht is luxuriously eco-friendly

Andrea Divirgilio / March 31, 2008

sabdes 50m
After almost 9 months, we are back with more from the house of luxury yachts, Sabdes. Although this time it’s a bit smaller than the previous 230-foot megayacht that we had covered, the most recent Sabdes design comes in the form of a 50 metre (164′) Superyacht. So we need to understand that not everything big is better. Great things do come in (bit) smaller packs too! For this baby, the team has concentrated on producing an exciting, stylish, advanced luxury yacht that is efficient in fuel and emissions too. Thumbs up for focusing on being eco-friendly. Designed by Australian Superyacht Stylist Scott Blee, the yacht is based around an advanced slender hull form with a reverse bow, offering superior sea keeping, minimized wave ‘slamming’, economical 25 knot performance, and long distance range.

The hull design also will be optimized to have a minimal surface and hull wake, thus reducing its impact on sensitive marine life and shoreline erosion. The external styling is described as contemporary, clean and slightly aggressive with sharp edges and sweeping lines intersecting glass windows in the superstructure. A ‘classic’ yacht character is achieved by side glass protection strakes covered with wood veneer, and in the the use of wood panels in the sides nearing the transom.

Here’s just one example of its contribution towards a greener earth. The yacht’s total power consumption will be kept to a minimum by careful consideration of every technical element throughout; for instance, the vessel will have LED lighting, there will be more reliance on natural cooling to support the air conditioning system, and insulation and window materials are carefully selected.

The new Sabdes 50 meter Superyacht will undoubtedly leave less charcoal footprints, without sacrificing on style and status as well as performance.


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