New Xbox One Console: Going on Sale in November 2013

Devon / June 18, 2013

Microsoft’s next generation gaming console Xbox One will be available from November 2013, in markets across the world. The announcement was made by the company at the start of the E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles. The newer version will be priced at $750 and upwards. The announcement came closer on the heels of Sony’s Play Station 4 in March, this year.  Even though the hardware details of the game were revealed by Microsoft, it purposefully upheld majority of the details at the Gaming Expo, concentrating mostly on the Television features that shall be incorporated within the console.

By incorporating Television features, Xbox One has been designed to be an all-purpose entertainment device as well as a gaming console, with an innovative BluRay drive and the expertise to assimilate live TV features.

Its state-of-the-art Kinect motion and voice-regulator plays an essential part in maneuvering the console, with enhanced voice recognition and an improved camera that ensures precision based motion control. Microsoft boasts that the camera is so responsive that it can precisely find out the heart rate of a player.

At Microsoft’s presentation during the gaming expo, Microsoft showcased a collection of single-player action games that display the console’s enhanced graphics. It also showed new game-play options aimed at customers who like more casual titles. The first one is a world-building game named ‘Project Spark’, which will allow customers to put together their gameplay by speaking commands to the Xbox One, like ‘Show me cars,’ and available cars models would eventually  appear on the ground. Gamers can also outline the ground that they might want to play for by using a tablet operating on Microsoft’s SmartGlass applications.

Some of the newest gaming titles being added to the Xbox One console are open world shooter Insomniac, Killer Instinct and Quantum Break. A new Halo gaming label is also due to be made for next year. Ryse: Son of Rome, a new gaming franchise was also revealed at the event, along with a much improved interlude to Dead Rising.

Players will also be able to take, edit, and upload videos games directly from the console and televise their gameplay live on Skype and Twitch. In spite of all the hype surrounding Xbox One, Microsoft has plans to continuing the Xbox 360 model, with a newer and slimmer prototype being displayed at the expo. The company also aims to lure more subscribers to its finest online service, Xbox Live Gold, by allowing them two free game downloads per month in the upcoming weeks as Xbox One prepares to go on sale. Other prominent changes to the Xbox Live service will include the addition of real currency replacing Microsoft Points system that were previously used by gamers to pay for buying new games and other downloads.

After having discussed the major attractive features of the upcoming console, there are a few concerns that must be addressed by Microsoft at the earliest. A major concern that Xbox One faces is the steep price differential of $200 between the current Xbox 360 model and its own lineup. The context of the concern becomes relevant more since videogames are being increasingly integrated into set-top boxes, tablets, televisions and smartphones and are losing their original appeal. It also has Sony Corporation’s latest PlayStation version to worry about which is cheaper by $100 than the Xbox 360 and has an interesting catalog of games without requirements for constant online updates unlike Xbox 360.


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