Next-gen Series 2 International 684 Caravan from Airstream with luxury amenities
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Next-gen Series 2 International 684 Caravan from Airstream with luxury amenities

Next-gen Series 2 International 684 Caravan from Airstream with luxury amenities

Airstream Series 2 luxury caravan

Airstream, which is known to create luxury cruise spaces in the form of its caravans, has introduced the Series 2 International 684 model, with the most luxurious modern amenities on board. Build on the sidelines of its predecessor The Series 1 International 684, this caravan includes several get Valtrex new styling ques from the earlier model but largely retains the original design of the chassis.

When it comes to taking long road trips, the Series 2 International 684 proves to be perfectly luxurious companion for the journey with its modern interior design. This model has been given a longer kitchen and sitting area with the LCD television, wider shower and extra wardrobe space with the five additional cloth shelves. Also, space has been exclusively allotted for laptops and books, especially for longer journeys, along with the space for bottles near the refrigerator which could be used for storage and later use. The bedroom, which is located toward the back end of the trailer, can be set up with the help of the bathroom-cum-bedroom door which needs to open at an angle
of 90 degrees to create the needed private space. This space could also be used as a dressing or even a bath area, as per convenience. The partitions in this area have been changed from its preceding model, giving more freedom of space and movement. Just in case one needs to prepare food, the kitchen area is at one’s disposal, where there is an additional option of Corian worktops and the under-mounted sink, which are otherwise standard feature for the bathroom alone.

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As mentioned before, the outside of the trailer hasn’t undergone much change in terms of looks. The earlier aluminum frame has been retained, but the locations of the windows and variety of tires used have undergone a change. This could be another factor adding to the overall comfort level within the luxury caravan. To enjoy the comforts of this tailor, one will have to shell out $85,222. You can expect a few more order Cialis changes on the exterior, but the overall comfort level and luxurious features have still been maintained and enhanced further, from the preceding Series 1 model.

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Via: Diseno Art/Airstream

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