Nidhranantar Sound Healing Bed for stressed out souls

Andrea Divirgilio / June 3, 2008

sound healingbed kX4YO 15699
Aurovillehas been making sustainable products by employing the locals in and around Indian union territory of Pondicherry. At SVARAM, a division of Auroville, all possible sound materials are explored and experimented with to discover new means and approaches for the opening of the ‘Magic of Music’ for everyone. The team at SWARAM makes musical instruments offer an immediate contact to one’s inherent playfulness and creativity. I just spotted a very unique musical bed on their site called the Nidhranantar. This musical bed consists of 50 strings attached to its bottom. These strings will be played by a musician even as the user lies on it with his/her eyes closed. The soothing musical notes that emanate from the bed will give its user a very relaxed state of mind and the vibrations generated by it will also relax the weary muscles of the body. Thus, the Nidhranantar comes across as a musical bed designed primarily for the purpose of sound healing which is rapidly becoming a popular means of de-stressing.

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