Niko introduces the first switch with wave control for smart homes

Andrea Divirgilio / November 24, 2010

niko firstswitch
Flipping the switches is so passé, now you can control your switches just with a wave of your hand. Though there are plenty of switch automation control solutions for your clever home, but the wave technology has made it even better with Niko’s first switch with wave control. The company has applied the movement sensors for lighting control, so you can control your lights without touching it. The switch edges light up by waving from a distance of 50 cm, so you can easily find them in a dark room and a wave within 10 cm of the switch will activate it. The Mysterious wave control is clean-cut and minimalistic, disappearing into the wall behind the wall-covering to sync ingeniously with your wall-covering. The Mysterious wave control will be available from January 2011.

Via: HiddenWires/NikoMysterious

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