Nirvana bathtub offers star-studded effect for a dip in the galaxy

Andrea Divirgilio / September 11, 2009

nirvana bathtub 1
Private bath culture has grown into a lifestyle statement. For those who can afford to splurge on getting a spa-like feel at home, the Nirvana bathtub offers a heavenly experience with 360 LED light spots on its surface. This innovative bathtub boasts a new kind of chromotherapy, with all those LED lights integrated in its acrylic body. The control system is integrated underneath the bathtub so that nothing interferes with its star-spangled appearance. The bathtub features touch controls; the control panel gives access to an electronic tap, automatic water fill/stop function. The hand shower gets activated at the wave of a hand and the temperature is indicated on the rim of the bathtub. The colored light can be switched on or off as per your preference.

This ultimate bathtub is innovative and ecologically-sensitive in the complete sense as it uses 60 percent less water than bathtubs of a similar size with its shallow high-grade translucent acrylic layer form. The bathtub site lacks on any info on this design masterpiece, but we are assuming this is still in the concept stages. The Nirvana Bathtub is also one of the Red Dot 2009 award winners.

Via: Unplggd/Red Dot

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