Nissan 350Z

$ 26.81 Thousand
Top Speed
155 (mph)

Nissan 350Z is a two seat coupe manufactured by Nissan from 2003 to 2009. The sports car is known as Nissan Fair lady Z33 in Japan. The roadster model made its debut in the year 2004. The Z33 is all about performance design and is made for racing. After the roadster, the track car was introduced, which boasted Brembo brakes and light weight wheels. However, the tuning for this car is same as that as any other sports car in this segment. The Nissan 350Z is priced at $26809.


With advancement of technology, the engine of the 350Z has undergone many upgrades. The original 350Z, manufactured in 2003-04 was powered by a VQ35DE 3.5L V6 engine, producing 287 bhp at 6,200 rpm, torque 371 Nm at 4,800 rpm. The 2005 model came with the VQ35DE 3.5L V6 producing 300 bhp at 6,400 rpm, torque 350Nm at 4,800 rpm. The next upgrade was done in 2008 with a VQ35HR 3.5L V6 producing 306 bhp at 6,800 rpm. Torque 363 Nm at 4,800 rpm. The transmission has been maintained at a 6 speed manual overdrive. The Nissan 350Z comes with a multi link front and rear suspension, four wheel independent suspension and front and rear stabilizer bar.


The interior design of the Nissan 350Z is straightforward and with aluminum finish. The main adjustment gauge is mounted on to the steering wheel so that its movement is in perfect alignment with the steering wheel. Some extended gauges are also present in the center of the triple gauge cluster. The interior of the 350Z does not have a glove box. However, there is a lot of storage space between and behind the two seats.


The Nissan 350Z has its engine at the front of the vehicle, which helps it in gaining more power to put to the rear wheel of the car. It is a rear wheel drive car with two doors, and two seats. The external design is inspired by the long hood short deck design of the Z family. The designing specialties include the high waistline, sloping roofline, Brushed aluminum door handles and bulging fenders, pushing to the rear of the vehicle.