Nixon Trader watch is bombproof but not waterproof

Andrea Divirgilio / April 30, 2012

Nixon watch

Here’s a watch to watch out for. A large piece, the Nixon Trader looks cut out for “Al Pacino in God Father” type goons. And no we are not saying that without a reason. Among other features the clock has, the one which really got us intrigued is the watch’s bullet proofed make. Yes, heard that right. A mix of sapphire crystals, stainless steel and titanium carbide goes to make this piece a classy and useful wear for all those tough people in black glasses and backswept hair. Interestingly though, the combination described above is one that could be found in a majority of luxury branded watches.

So, is every piece from the stable of the best in business bullet-proof? Well, bullet resistant or not, all top-of-the-line designer watches are at least water proof- an essential feature which the makers of the latest Nixon watch seemed to have skipped, so, in the end you had a watch that can fight bullets but not, urm, water…

If you can somehow dodge that small bullet about the $900 watch not having water resistant features, we can proceed to discuss the Nixon beauty in details. The Trader is the newest addition to Nixon’s highly revered elite collection. The most interesting part about the watch is that it offers seven hands to help you keep a tab on the date, day, month, blood pressure levels etc. So, with the Trader classing up your wrists, there would probably be fewer chances of you getting late for meetings or dinners. To spice things up a bit here’s a piece of interesting information-the Trader is even capable of nailing down time to the tenth of a second.

bombproof nixon watch

For those who did not know, Nixon’s Elite collection is a highly successful one where each and every piece is made to the best and most exacting standards of Swiss watch manufacturers. Apart from being custom-built, Elite watches feature the automatic ETA movement- which has formed the standard of quality time pieces for years. At $900 though, the Trader’s price is not very healthy for your wallet. So, better “Watch your steps” before investing in this piece.

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