No Hands No Digits: QLOCKTWO

Alberto / July 3, 2013

QLOCKTWO is a revolutionary product designed and manufactured by German precision watch maker “Biegert & Funk”. The watch has completely transformed the art of timekeeping. The clock doesn’t inform people about the time of the day by using the usual digital or analog display methods. Instead, the typographical display of the timepiece informs people about the time by combining the moment with the written word. For example, when the display of the Qlocktwo is activated at 8:30am, it lights up to inform the user that “It is half past eight”. The text displayed on the timepiece automatically changes every 5 minutes. The brightness of the Qlocktwo can be manually adjusted and the display comes equipped with light ambient sensors that allow the device to display the time even in low visibility conditions.

The Qlocktwo range of timepieces is made from wood. Multiple coats of paint are applied to these devices, the front panels of which are fixed by magnets. This allows the user to easily change the appearance of these clocks by just removing the front panel which is manufactured from polished acrylic glass or brushed stainless steel. The watch is also capable of accepting radio signals that allows it to automatically receive European time signals. The gadget can switch to a high accurate quartz mode in areas that don’t receive any radio signal. The Qlocktwo’s design has been very well received in industry circles and the device has been bestowed with many prestigious design awards. The minimum price of a Qlocktwo watch is $650.

The device is currently available in three versions – Qlocktwo Classic, Qlocktwo Touch and Qlocktwo W.

The Qlocktwo Classic is a 45 x 45 cm timepiece that is just perfect to be used as a decorative wall clock inside a large room. The Classic is available in seven different color versions and can display messages in languages like English, German, Italian and French.

At twice the size of the Qlocktwo Classic, the Qlocktwo Large is the biggest version of the clock and is considered perfect for being put up for display in large public spaces.

The Qlocktwo Touch is a smaller version of the Qlocktwo Classic and can be used as an alarm clock. The Touch’s display lights up when required. The device is very sensitive and responds very well to a person’s touch.

The Qlocktwo W is the sleekest version of this amazing gadget and can be worn like a wrist watch. It comes with a 24 mm leather strap.

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