Noble M12 GTO

$ 75 Thousand
Top Speed
185mph (mph)

Manufacturer Noble Automotive Limited, Leicestershire, England does keep up with its name, especially with Noble M12 GTO. Priced at $75,000, this effortless and unpretentious sports car can mislead you by its classy outer look. It is a kit car – its chassis and finished body is manufactured in HiTech, South Africa while its drivetrain comes from England. It is then assembled in 1g Racing Hamilton, Ohio, U.S. Come what may, rain, thunder or storm, this brainchild of Lee Noble can always only go fast! Super fast!




This car is mid-engined. It has a twin-turbocharged and intercooled 2.5L 360-hp Ford V-6 engine. This engine has aluminum heads with a port type fuel injection. It runs on diesel giving output power up to 360 bhp at 6200 rpm. The valve train is DOHC 4 valves. The torque generated goes flat to about 434 Nm at 3500 rpm. Its displacement is 2967 cc. It has a 6 speed manual gear box for transmission purpose. The AP Racing brakes are vented and cross drilled discs. Suspension is stiff but perfect with dual control arms, while steering is done with rack and pinion gear set. But it surely makes up for what it lacks with its amazing power to weight ratio. This feature greatly increases the GTO's performance ratings. It can swiftly go from 0 to 60 mph in flat 3.7 seconds and to 100 mph 8.8 seconds. There can also be seen evident improvement in performance after 3000 rpm. These figures are such that it can easily make other sports car makers uncomfortable.


This is one part of the car which seems less worked at. This two-seater cabin cannot be given the adjective ‘spacious’. All that it has is the two seats and a set of soft bags behind the seats. Its dashboard, again, is an area of work in progress, with not much attempt at luxury. All that we have is the basic instruments and controls on it, keeping it clean. This car seems to aim solely for speed, like an ideal sports car should! With regards to extra credits for luxury, this car fails. It only has all the basic instruments and controls, making the thrill of speed the primary focus of the customer. The car enthusiasts have been given hint for inclusion of luxury features in the upcoming models. However, when it comes to safety equipments, it only has racing harnesses and standard belts. Future prospects in this regard also seems grim with no hints for airbags or anti-lock braking systems.


The M12 has a steel-tube space frame with aluminum sections. Set to keep it lightweight, its framework is made of fiberglass. Its exterior, manufactured by HiTech, a company known for manufacturing and perfect finishing the Cobra variants, is sleek and stylish. This car is available in all the basic colors.