Noble M400
Noble M400 | $ 68,000
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Noble M400

Noble M400

A fiberglass sports car from Noble, the Noble M400 was eminent for its excellent handling and power packed performance. The car’s manufacturing process was outsourced to South Africa based High Tech Automotive. The car came equipped with a powerful V6 engine and was quite popular on account of everything, right from its styling to its stunning performance.


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Keeping pace with the current technology, all Noble M400 models were trimmed throughout in superb quality black Alcantara and were fitted with the all-new Sparco race seats. The Sparco seats were themselves trimmed in a hardwearing black tone jacquard fabric, and were fitted with a comfortable anti-slip cushion. Removable backrest and relaxing under-thigh pads were also incorporated for enhanced ride comfort for both driver and passenger. Both seats are easily adjustable, and as per need can be tilted in backward or forward direction for enhanced comfort. As given standard with all Nobles, the rigid steering column could also be adjusted for ease of reach.

Keeping in mind that M400 is primarily focused for circuit drivers, Noble engineers moved both the seats in a direction towards the center of the car by a distance of 15mm in order to keep space for more headroom, above the occupant’s heads, particularly if they're sporting the crash helmets. All M400s incorporated as standard, four-point race harnesses, apart from an orthodox inertia-reel security belt for road use. The basic dash architecture was very decent and the cabin also receives a mutual oil temperature and pressure gauge fitted into the central switch-panel, with the 'M400' badging done on the steering wheel’s boss.


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The car’s exterior was made as exotic as a magical car. Premium tires sat on the crazy looking multispoke wheels. A rear spoiler was added to improve vehicle aerodynamics. The dampers were employed as mono tube units, and featured an impact-extruded lightweight aluminum body. Brakes of 330mm diameter discs, with four-pot calipers were used, which were taken from the M12 range.

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