Noble M600
Noble M600 | $ 330,000
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Noble M600

Noble M600

Do you prefer a car that allows complete liberty to driver? Do you feel flabbergasted with automatic transmission? Then M600 is your car. It’s the latest series of hyper car from Noble Automotive, priced at around US$330,000. This “Made in Britain” car is unparallel to many of its peer hyper cars like, Lamborghini Aventador, Bugattii Veyron, Ferrari Enzo and others. The skilled designer tried and succeeded in making it a true driver’s car with least electronic bells and whistles.


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Though M600 is purely a performance-oriented car, comfort features have not taken any back seat. Covered with carbon fiber, interior of the car appears quite classy with Alcantara or leather finish and soft woolen carpeting. Steering wheel is hand stitched. It has a completely leather covered and carpeted luggage space in front boot. Among other on-dash things, it has a satellite navigation system, music system and APC knob. APC or Adaptable performance Control allows you to control engine performance. M600 sports a matchstick styled transmission lever and by its side you can see a safety cover like thing named “TC”, which serves as the Traction Control button.


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M600, like any true super car, has no cosmetic exterior trimming. Body has been designed keeping aerodynamics and stability in mind solely. Designers chiseled out every single hindrance in the path of wind. Car is built of stainless steel and carbon fiber with carbon laminated exterior. This has provided it with maximum rigidity along with sufficient lightness. Majority of outside body styling is result of full-fledged wind-tunnel test statistics. Dimension-wise, M600 is 4360 mm long and 1910 mm wide with wheelbase of 2540 mm and a curb weight of around 1275 kg.

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