Nobo electric radiators with iPod controls blur the line between radiators and fireplaces

Andrea Divirgilio / October 27, 2009

electric radiator
Fireplaces have ruled the roost when it comes to heating solutions to warm up your home. But the Nobo Firepit series electric radiators sees the radiator in entirely different light with captivating designs that are sure to overshadow your designer fireplace and become the focal point of your living space. Much said, the Firepit series radiator featured above is a modern iteration of the firepit. Within the sleek shape of the radiator lies a projector displaying a cyclic fire flame video which gives the visual along with the sensual impression of a natural fire. Another “wow” factor is its iPod-wheel-like flush control panel to control both temperature and lighting. An LED light shines through wood grain pattern of glass logos from which heat dissipates, which arouses the natural fire feel in a different form. This campfire-shaped radiator is a perfect addition to a living room with a central radiator and coffee table merged into one with an additional ambient light combination. The Nobo radiator is priced at $2,800.

nobo fireplace 1
The innovative collection also includes Nobo fireplace radiator, inspired by 19th century Victorian fireplaces, with a modern twist for those who are traditional at heart. This Victorian fireplace version is priced at $2,150.

Via: CL-Designs

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