Nokia BMW video phone concept wows us

Andrea Divirgilio / September 11, 2008

nokia bmw concept pic 11 csdli 17340 yvAIA 17340

There is something really funny about technology, especially for those who can afford anything under the sun. However, technology has not always given us everything we ever wanted. For instance, we still don’t have a car that turns into a helicopter when we need. And we also don’t have a cellphone that could be used as a telescope to spy on our neighbors. However, a designer has created a concept for the Nokia that could very well be the BMW of cellphones. He calls it the Nokia BMW Video Phone.

If it has to be the BMW of cellphones, it has to be hi-tech, stylish and of course, expensive. And we believe it is going to be all that and more. The coolest feature of this concept phone has to be the “push to open” mechanism, which allows you to rotate the cellphone 90 degrees and voila, it turns into a handy-cam. The cam also features a great GPS navigation tool and a really sleek design.

Via: PhonesReview/ ConceptPhones

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