Nokia’s diamond-encrusted Vertu defies slump in sales

Andrea Divirgilio / September 30, 2011

Nokia Vertu gold-diamond smartphone

There was once a time the mobile handset market had nothing but Nokia name in dominance, but recent technological challenges ensured that the world’s largest cell phone maker (by volume) took some hits for its consumer bases that shifted elsewhere. However, the luxury handset segment still has the brand name flying high, as Vertu, the luxury division of Nokia is known to have captured around 60% West European market share, and the growth since last year has been in high double digits. Their recent introduction of the QWERTY keypad diamond and gold handset proves all critics wrong, and asserts the company’s stance as being the premier handset maker.

The new handset, priced at $6,800, shall have a frame of gold, either yellow or white as per choice, and will be encrusted with multiple carved diamonds along side. With the technological world making progress by leaps and bound, attention has been paid to design, and this handset will sport a QWERTY keypad like other smart phones. Other additions like the latest operating system and camera shall be a part of the features, which were earlier not considered to be of much importance. With swelling pockets of executives especially in the Gulf, such a plan could well be expected. For example, Mr. Mohammed Al Haj from Abu Dhabi is one of those customers, who have decided to buy a sample of this latest handset.

As we all know, Vertu handsets are best examples of craftsmanship one can see in the premier handset segment. Each of the pieces, including this one, will be individually carved out of a single block of precious metal such as gold, titanium or steel, and a similar treatment awaits other components such as the memory card or sim card slots. Each of the keys, which are generally made out of sapphire crystals or ruby, is also made by hand, just like the screen which is known to be anti-reflective. The latest offering as we see, combines this exclusive treatment with upgraded technology to offer the best in luxury segment.

For some of the previous models that Vertu has created, please do go over our coverage of the Knalihs Athem phone which has 1500 diamonds on it, and Vertu Suave, which targeted the fashionable divas with its unique shape. The diamond-encrusted Vertu clearly shows that the Finnish phone maker is far from losing to any competition in the niche segment.

Via: Bloomberg/ BusinessWeek

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